Mols - SOLD
Mols - SOLD

Facts : Mols - SOLD

Completion 1998
Sold 2005
Size 50.000 sqm
No. P-spaces 897
Description Krasta street, just a few miles outside of downtown Riga

In January 1997, the company bought the Mols shopping centre, which had not yet been completely built. Once that work was done, it opened its doors in September 1998. Mols was expanded and reopened four years later, in November 2002.

The Mols shopping centre is one of the first shopping centres opened in Latvia. It was opened in 1998 and expanded already in 2002; today Mols is a modern shopping centre, and due to its location on Krasta Street, its target audience is car-drivers. Another point of interest is that Mols stands out among other shopping centres in Riga as one having the largest percentage of male customers and highest shopping efficiency. Today, Mols is not only a shopping centre, it is also a meeting and recreation place equipped with a large-screen TV, free WiFi and workplaces.